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Our training courses are designed to equip students and staff with the skills and knowledge to provide support within the student community, as well as look after their own wellbeing.

Around one in four students report having a diagnosed mental health issue while at university. Academic performance is a leading cause of stress for students, along with managing money. We also know that one quarter of students don’t know where to get mental health support at university.

We believe in the power of peer support; students are often the first source of support for their peers and many students want to know how to provide appropriate support to others. Informal peer support can be a complementary part of a stepped care and early intervention approach to help students.

LAYMStudent Workshop Attendee
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Great Workshop. I learnt a lot about my own mental health, and I feel more equipped to help others who might be needing help.
Staff Trainer
Staff Trainer
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It's a great programme and reassuring to know the Student Minds team are there to support us.
LAYMStudent Workshop Attendee
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I feel like I am much better equipped to support friends and colleagues after the workshop. It was an invaluable experience.
MHISStudent Workshop Attendee
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Amazing, probably the best and most resourceful workshop I have ever attended at university.

Why should I sign up?

  • 94% of students felt ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ in their skills to support a friend or teammate who may be struggling after attending student workshops run by our trainers

  • 91% of university staff who registered for our training courses have felt more confident in their workshop facilitation skills after completing the training

  • Join our network of over 350 trainers from 120+ Higher Education Institutions who are making a difference to student mental health!

What we offer:

Look After Your Mate

Based on the Look After Your Mate guide for friends, our training provides university and SU staff with the knowledge, confidence and skills to run our Look After Your Mate workshop to empower students to support friends experiencing mental health difficulties.

Mental Health in Sport

Mental Health in Sport equips staff involved in HE sport with the knowledge, confidence and skills to make sport at their university inclusive of individuals experiencing mental health difficulties; by running our student workshop on university campuses.

Wellbeing Skills for Student Leaders

This workshop equips students in leadership and voluntary roles with the knowledge, and confidence to support their peers facing challenges, while maintaining role boundaries and taking care of their own mental health and wellbeing.

Accommodation Training

Our training empowers accommodation staff to notice and recognise signs and symptoms of mental health difficulties, whilst also providing the knowledge and confidence to know how to engage supportive conversations to signpost students to further support.