Train the Trainer Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

By attending the training course you will be licensed to run the student workshop on campus and will be obligated to fulfil the terms and requirements outlined in the Licence Agreement. The full agreement you will be required to sign will be sent to you on completion of the course, and a summary of the agreement is as follows:

  • Trainers must have attended the full Student Minds training prior to running any student workshops.
  • Trainers must deliver a minimum of one student workshop at their institution within one year of being trained. The course cannot be run for profit. Trainers are also required to renew their membership annually by completing any required refresher training online, CPD and paying the annual membership and licensing fee where applicable.
  • Trainers agree to register all student workshops with Student Minds and use the registration form provided for this. After each workshop, trainers must provide attendance data, trainer feedback and attendee feedback to Student Minds, following the Impact Measurement Guidelines outlined by Student Minds.
  • Workshops should be run according to the structure outlined in the training programme and the content should not be amended or added to without prior consent from Student Minds. Trainers agree to implement updates to the workshop content as and when these are disseminated.

Student Minds obligation

  • Provide trainers with the resources, support and content outlined in the membership and licensing fee terms.
  • Circulate information about any content changes or updates to all accredited trainers.
  • Maintain systems for registration and feedback of attendees and reporting of data.

Terms of membership & licensing fee

An annual membership fee of £50 (+VAT) is required from all individuals who wish to remain as Student Minds trainers. This gets renewed annually on the basis of the academic year.
Membership includes:

  • Updates and workshop amendments based on feedback from staff and students.
  • Access to ongoing support from a dedicated and experienced member of staff.
  • Webinars, video conferencing and other CPD opportunities to improve your confidence in running workshops and to learn from others’ experiences across the network.
  • Exclusive use of a Trainer Hub which includes: all the resources required to deliver workshops; advertising and publicity materials; templates for workshop promotion; CPD; along with previews of Student Minds’ resources, research and publications; and latest news from Student Minds and the sector.
  • Maintaining systems for registration and feedback for your institution, showing data and student feedback from workshops that have been run.