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Look After Your Mate Associate Trainers

Nazia Bharde (She/Her)

I am currently a project officer at Imperial College London in the MedTech industry. I am working in a project team to support early career researchers for medical device translation and innovation. 

I’ve been an associate trainer for Student Minds for a few years now, and I’ve delivered the LAYM training predominantly at the University of Westminster. I love delivering the training and engaging with students, and hopefully giving them a platform to support a friend or peer with their wellbeing and mental health.

I did my undergrad at the City University of London in Media, Communications and Sociology. I then went on to be elected as a Sabbatical Officer for Activities and Development. I spent a few years at the University of Westminster as a Student Support Officer, which provided training and development to colleagues and students on all things well being.

Fun fact: I used to learn to play 7 different instruments when I was a kid in school, and don’t know how to play any as an adult!

Grace Plastiras-Phillips (She/Her)

I became a LAYM instructor in early 2020. Shortly after, I collaborated with Student Minds to adapt the programme for online delivery and became an Associate Trainer later that year. 

I have 7+ years of experience in training and student support roles in the education sector, moving to HE in 2019.

Fun fact: My interest in education was partly inspired by the fact that as a child, I believed a school inset day was an “insect day.” This was shattered when I enquired about what bug I should take into class. Fortunately, this didn’t deter me from my career path.

Ashley Storer-Smith (They/Them)

I am the Student Voice Manager at the University of Nottingham Students’ Union. I initially delivered LAYM in 2019 at Brighton Students’ Union to student leaders across the organisation and have been continuing this within my current role at Nottingham.

I have been working in Students’ Unions for nearly a decade. I started as an Activities Officer at London South Bank SU and have worked across Societies & Sports, Advice, and Voice. I have worked across the county including Brighton, Newman & Warwick. I also have been an External Trustee at Trinity St David SU since 2021 and work with Unitu to run monthly webinars around Student Voice.

Fun fact: From the amount of playing in the arcades as a kid, I am strangely good at Dance Machines and Guitar Hero.

Tiseana Hussain (She/her)

I am currently a Student Support Development Officer at the University of Westminster.

As a student, I actively engaged in Look After Your Mate and found it to be a great training programme. Upon graduation and entering higher education, I was interested to take a proactive role in delivering LAYM, drawn by the positive impact it had on me during my time at university . Collaborating with fellow colleagues, I led LAYM student workshops for a year before transitioning into the Train the Trainer domain.

Over the course of the past five years, I have gained diverse experience within Higher Education, transitioning through roles ranging from Residential Life to various projects. However, the theme across these all positions has been a dedication to the support and enhancement of  student wellbeing. My current role lies within a project team where one of our main goals is to achieve the University Mental Health Charter, it’s very exciting! 

Fun fact: Nelson Mandela held me as a baby!