Student Minds Hub Introduction

Simon Brooker · 30/08/2023

Student Minds Hub Introduction

Welcome to Student Minds Hub, your online university mental health community.

We are excited to have you here and welcome you to our network. 

The Hub is a place for you to connect with university staff, students and sector experts to gain insights and access resources.

The Hub supports you to access tools and information to put student mental health first. At Student Minds, we create and curate resources on student wellbeing. Working together, we can empower your university communities to access the insights they need. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the platform and our training resources, the University Mental Health Charter as well as our insights and research. 

Select the modules below to learn more about the Hub’s features, or take some time to connect with like-minded people in our groups and together, we can ensure no student is held back by their mental health.

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