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The Award Handbook is the guidance document for all universities undertaking the University Mental Health Charter Award Assessment process. The Handbook outlines the full Award assessment journey, from preparing for an Award assessment to explaining key milestones and responsibilities for Student Minds and the institution being assessed. 

This is the document that your Award Manager and Student Minds will use to support you in your assessment journey.

Any updates to the Handbook will be communicated to all universities that are members of the University Mental Health Charter Programme, including those who are currently undertaking the Award assessment process.If at any time you are unclear on any part of the Award process, the Student Minds team is here to assist you. In the first instance any query should be raised with your Award Manager if applicable. Otherwise, you should e-mail charter@studentminds.org.uk and a member of the team will be happy to help you.

Download the PDF version of the Handbook below or work through the Resource Content .

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