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Hi there, my name is Chastyn Webster.

I’m one of the Programme managers at Student Minds and I oversee the University Mental Health Charter programme.

I’m going to take a few minutes of your time here to walk you through one of my favourite aspects of our new hub which is the community groups. Once you’ve created an account and you’ve logged in it’ll bring you to this page here which will resemble mine. You can access your groups in one of two ways.

  1. If you know the name of the group you can search it here.
  2. Additionally you can search for them by clicking on your icon scrolling down to my account, and clicking on groups here.

You can see that I’m part of two groups.

One of them is the University Mental Health Charter Group which is only open and available to programme members and the Student Minds Hub Group which is public.

I’m going to walk you through some of the different aspects by looking at the University Mental Health Charter Group but know that these aspects also are available on the other groups.

Once you’ve entered into that group you see our feed or home page here as a programme member or as an individual accessing this. You can share information with this group by clicking here, writing out that text and if you wanted to include some. Images or a GIF or a document you can attach them there for other programme members to engage with. As you can see, Simon here our digital lead, he shared a lovely little GIF just welcoming everybody to this group and you can see that I’ve liked it but if I wanted to leave a comment I could do so.

You’ll also see other buttons up here that you can interact with so photos here. Any photo that an individual shares on their feed will automatically go into this aspect. The same will happen if somebody chooses to share a document so I’m gonna open up our documents page. As you can see, there aren’t any documents as of yet but if I were to post one on our news feed, they would automatically go in here. Additionally, if I wanted to just upload them for you guys to access, but I didn’t want to post on the feed I can upload that file here and I can create a nice neat folder for you guys to access.

Our next button is the send invites button. This is especially important for our university mental health charter Leads at each institution. You guys will be tasked with inviting your colleagues to join this group. You do this by first getting them to follow the steps you have done. So create your account with the hub. And once they’ve created that account, you will be able to search for their name here. Once you find the name of the individual, you’d like to add to this group. You add them, whether it’s one person or multiple, and you send that invitation. They’ll get an email notification to then join that group. And once they have they’ll have access to all of the resources that we have available on this group.

The next button is our discussions. Here, this will run more like a forum. So if an individual had a specific question, for example, about a principle of good practice, and you wanted to create a thread specifically on that. Or for example, if we had frequently asked questions. That we keep getting by email, we can upload them here and share them so that you guys can access those different questions that are posed by student minds or by others. And you can see the discussion that goes along with that.

Some other aspects that I think are really important if you’re gonna use this hub are knowing that you can leave our group at any point. If this doesn’t suit you or your colleagues that’s perfectly fine. You can leave this group here. But I will say that a lot of our communication within the programme and amongst programme members will happen in this space. As. Well as this will be the space where we share all of our resources and events. So please make sure that somebody is manning that and is able to access that.

Something else that might be helpful for you is knowing that you can mute your notifications. If you wanted to unsubscribe from your email notifications you can do so by clicking this button. Again, I’d advise you to at least check back regularly because we will post all of our updated events or anything else that’s important for our programme members to know in this space.

So that’s a quick wrap-up of the community group and I hope that it works for you guys. We’re really excited to introduce this to you all and hopefully, this will be able to spark a lot of communication that! And our programme members in previous years have asked for. So welcome to our programme and I’m just looking forward to meeting you guys and interacting with you on our new platform.