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Hello and welcome back.

Well done for getting this far on your account registration. My name is Simon, I’m the digital lead at Student Minds, and I’ll be walking you through some of the next steps in tweaking your account, and updating your account. We will look at your notification preferences and how to navigate through the site.

I hope you find this, mini-video useful and look forward to talking with you in some of the community groups.

So to access our profile, once you’re logged in, you can see there’s a little image here with your name. So you can click that and you’ll see there’s a drop down now with different options available. So we’ve got our, our account we can access. As well as our own newsfeed. And this will give us updates and information on things happening in other groups throughout the website. We also have some of your resources that you’ve signed up for. So if you’re on the chart, we’ll be right back. You’ll be able to access your resources there. As well as if you’re in the training groups too. Any orders that you’ve, you’ve purchased will appear here as well. So if you’ve signed up for a training course, you can, you can get your receipt. And then we’ve got some other useful links like supporting, donation, and also the bottom here, how to log out.

So what I’m going to show you today is my account page.

I’m going to click that there. That will take us to our my account.

We can see here that I’ve already updated some information. I’ve added a nice new cover photo and an image and I’ll show us how to do that in a minute. And then there’s also some information here about who we are. I’m just going to move my face over here.

So let’s look at updating our profile image. Well, just like on most social media sites, when you hover over, you will see, a little icon there. Click that. And you now have the ability to take your own image upload your own image here. So you just click that. And it’ll open your your resources so you can find the image that you’re looking for on your on your site, but also you can take a photo and we can see here that it’s now mirroring my camera.

So I’m just going to do a cheesy grin, click capture. We can see here it’s captured it.

We can now save it too.

So now let’s view, we can see it’s successfully done there. So now let’s view our profile. Like you see now it’s updated it. We can also do the same for our cover photo. I’ll show you how to upload one. So let’s click select. File and I’m just going to use the student space image here.

So that’s uploaded. You can see here successfully uploaded. And now when we view our profile, we can see it’s added there. It’s not formatted correctly, but you get the gist.

The next thing I want to show you is how to, edit our details. It’s a really important thing. And throughout the so you click edit there, and throughout all of this stuff, you can change what you want people to see publicly.

So we can see here, it’s got my first name and surname, so I can type just to update that how I like but also, I might not want people to see my surname, so I can click that and change that to. Thank you. Just my connections, or all members, or general public but for the sake of this, I’m just going to put only me, so only I can see that information.

You can just go through, fill out all the, information. You can even put your LinkedIn profile. It’s a really good way of just creating more connections and expanding your network. And then click save changes.

We can now see that it’s updated so only people, only I can see my, my name there. So again, let’s go back to profile and we can see here that obviously, I can still see that so it appears there.

The next thing I want to show you is groups so you can navigate through groups. Here, we can see that these are groups that I’m part of. We can search for different groups and filter. You can also see group invitations, so you may get an invite.

So you can see here that my previous account, a different account that I have, invited me to join the University Mental Health Charter so I can accept or reject that invite. So I’m going to click accept. And we can now see if I go back into my groups. The university mental health charter in our peers there, which is great.

There is also resources and so we can see here the I’m part as soon as you sign on, you get added to the student minds hub induction course, which is the one you’re on. So I can click into there and access that anytime as well as any forums that I’m part of. So you can, you can see forums that you’ve created, any replies that you’ve done on forums, and also any forums that you’ve favourites.

But as you can see here, I don’t have any.

And then finally, just any documentation that I’ve uploaded, or want to upload. So you can create a folder and store them securely. Or you can just upload them generally.

So that’s a very quick overview of the profile. The last thing I’m going to highlight is the student support button here. If you are a student or you know of a student and you want to refer them or just update yourself on good student mental health practice,click that and it will take you to our student support site. You can read the documentation and keep up to date on different things like how students prepare for university, summer breaks and graduation.

So I hope you found this, this little mini introduction to your profile. I look forward to chatting with you in some of the community groups.