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Hello and welcome to this mini demo on navigating and using our resources on the Student Minds Hub.

My name is Simon and I’m the Digital Lead at Student Minds and I’m excited to be here. Welcome you to our platform.

When you’re logged in you can see here at the top, my my name and my icon appear so I know that I’m logged in. We can navigate to all resources here. Or if you’ve seen our profile navigation account video, you’ll be able to see that you can navigate to it from here and click this button to see all your resources. But I’m going to show you through this way.

So if you click there, you will see. All resources. We can see all the resources that are available on the hub at the moment more will be added.

We can see by default, it sets all resources, but we can then also click to see my specific resources. As I’m an admin, I’ve got access to all of them. So we can see it says three and three. But for you, it may be one, it may be zero, depending on your account preferences.

So if you want to see your individual resources, you can click that and you’ll see it loads. We’re going to look after your mate as a demo. So when you click on the resource, it takes you to the resource homepage and you can see there’s a little bit of an intro.

We can click this little dropdown arrow and see all the courses. The ones with the line strike-through are the ones that I’ve completed. You can see their little checkpoint there.

We can easily navigate and have a look at all the different resources that are associated with this resource. It also gives you a status. So because I’ve started this resource it says in progress. You can also see other people who have access to this resource and have started too. There’s some nice high-level information here as well. So if you’re looking to start this, you’ve got a bit of an understanding of how long it might take you to complete. You can see there are four modules and eight topics in total.

So we can either click the dropdown and click one of these to start our resource, or we can click continue here and that will take me to the furthest point we are at in this resource. As you can see, it’s taken us through to the Look After Your Mate module one.

We can see a little bit about the module it’s status here at the top. It’s in progress. We can navigate backwards to a previous module that we’ve completed. You can see here it says complete. You can see the progress bar there and we can now navigate back to the existing module we were on.

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to navigate any further than the furthest module you’ve completed. Because this course’s preferences are set up so that you have to complete this module or mark it as complete before you can move on.

Let’s scroll down and select the module that we’re going to start learning.

We can see here that this module contains a nice PDF that we can have a view of. We can also download that PDF. But once we’re done with this module and we’ve completed it, we just click Mark Complete and that will move us then on nicely to the next topic. You can see here that it’s marked as complete and we’ve got a little nice orange tick and we can see here module progression. We’re halfway through.

Again, if I click complete, you can now see that this module here when it updates will be fully complete and it’s moved and it’s taken us to the top. So we can now mark this module as fully complete and that’ll move us on to module. So that’s one way that you can navigate.

The sidebar here is also really good to see kind of overall how you’re progressing through the course. So I’m 41% of the way through and I’ve completed five out of 12 steps.

You can also click these drop downs here to see and go back to previous courses and explore those. So let’s go back to the intro.

You can see here there’s a nice video from our Training Manager, Sophie, and the next thing I want to show you is the course features. We’ve included them to make your learning experience much easier on the site.

So the first one is dark mode and we can see here if we click that, it changes it all into dark mode. This takes a lot of strain off the eyes, as well as for some people when you’re reading large heavy text it’s useful. So just have it like that so you can toggle between dark mode and light mode.

My favourite one of this is the, is the distraction-free viewing as well. You click this button here and you can see it just pops away that little sidebar and you can still use these buttons here to navigate through all the modules marking them as you go.

Distraction-free is also really useful. Because say maybe I’m using this resource to present to colleagues and students so I can have this up on the screen and talk people through it and work through the content.

So that’s a really quick overview of some of the Resource features on the Hub. We will be adding many more features in the future. We’ve got plans for gamification as well as some certificates to be part of this whole process and we’ll be creating an updated video on that too.

So I hope you enjoy the video and find the resources useful.