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About the Charter

Creating the University Mental Health Charter

The University Mental Health Charter has been developed with thousands of staff and students, and in partnership with a Steering Group of leading higher education organisations. Student Minds was supported to lead the development of the Charter with start-up funding from the UPP Foundation and an additional grant from the Office for Students.

About the Charter

In 2019, we travelled to university campuses across the UK, bringing together students, students’ unions, university staff and senior leaders as part of the University Mental Health Charter Road Trip.

We spoke to 360 students and staff from around 181 diverse universities and organisations in all four countries, and an incredible 2274 staff and students shared their thoughts and ideas in our online surveys.

We ran additional focus groups to hear more from black and male students who often go unheard in mental health research. We convened expert panels of researchers, practitioners, students, organisations, leaders, union representatives and policy-makers to provide insight from their experiences and expertise.

The Charter document was peer reviewed by a range of academic, clinical and research experts and published in December 2019.

During 2020, piloted the University Mental Health Charter Award at the University of Derby, Glasgow Caledonian University and Hartpury University. We worked with a panel of students to ensure students were at the heart of the assessment process.