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Charter Award Holders

We are pleased to announce that the following universities have received the University Mental Health Charter Award:

These institutions demonstrate their commitment to improvement and developing better practice to have a whole-university approach to mental health. We are proud of what they have achieved and the hard work they are doing to make change for their student and staff communities. 

These Awards are a demonstration of genuine commitment, hard work and investment on the part of these universities and the staff and students who have worked together to reach this milestone. They can be rightly proud of their achievements to date.

We are delighted to celebrate the University of the West of England Bristol in their achievement as the first university to achieve Award with Merit, demonstrating that the University has a well-developed approach to the Principles of Good Practice in a number of themes and is making good progress towards embedding its approach in strategy, policy and practice across most of the University. 

It is important to note that achieving an Award is a symbol of progress, it does not mean that those receiving an Award are perfect, or that every student or member of staff will have good experiences within that institution yet. Those who have received their Award have made an ongoing commitment to continual improvement and have been able to demonstrate significant and genuine progress towards a whole-university approach, in line with the Charter Framework. To maintain their Awards or to achieve a higher level award, all of these institutions will have to continue to build on this progress. There is work still to be done.

Congratulations to these institutions. We are proud of everything they have achieved and the hard work they will do to create change and improve the mental health and wellbeing of their student and staff communities. 

Thank you to everyone who made the Assessment process possible. The Charter Programme is gradually ensuring we are all speaking the same shared language on mental health as a sector and building a shared vision for the future. We hope the courageous example set by our first cohort will inspire other institutions to join the Charter Programme in 2024-25