UMHC Terms and Conditions

Programme Timeline

The 23/24 UMHC Programme timeline runs from 04 September 2023 until 31 August 2024. 

Roles & Responsibilities 

At the point of registration, institutions were asked to provide the contact details for the UMHC, Domain, Enabling Themes Leads, as well as an Administrative Role. Each Lead will receive relevant communications from the Student Minds team, which can be disseminated across the university or to the relevant stakeholders. It is our hope that assigning these may assist institutions to drive forward work within these focus areas, monitor and record progress and facilitate cross-collaboration with other roles. However, we recognise that the specific ways of working, including the pace of progress and the structures under which institutions work, will depend on their unique context. 

We ask that you regularly review and update the contact information for each of these roles throughout the duration of the 23/24 UMHC Programme. 

Privacy & Confidentiality 

Student Minds is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the university, its staff and students. Please see our [Privacy Policy] for a description of how Student Minds will store your information, who we might disclose it to and when it will be deleted. 

Programme Withdrawal

In the event that a Programme Member wishes to withdraw from the UMHC Programme or makes the decision not to renew for the upcoming Programme year, we ask that you inform the Student Minds team. We would like to learn from your experiences and continue to develop the programme. The institution and Student Minds will seek to find a solution that is mutually agreeable. 

Please note that Programme Membership or Assessment fees are non-refundable.

Duration and Renewal:

An institution must annually renew its membership and pay for the annual membership fee published during the designated registration period. 

Please note:

  • Award holders are required to maintain programme membership to retain Award status.
  • Award Assessment is only available to UMHC Programme members.